Since Easter was this past weekend, I thought I’d share a little bit of all the Easter fun that’s been going on here at Walt Disney World.

First up, Epcot’s Eggstravaganza! Trust me when I say this egg hunt is not just for kids! I barely finished it in two hours, and some of the eggs were so difficult to find that I started following other people around in hopes that they would find it…. For a small fee, you get the map and the sticker sheet with all the egg stickers on it. You have to find the egg in each country and put the correct, corresponding sticker on that country on the map.Β Can you spot all the eggs in my pictures?IMG_5575

When you finish (and even if you don’t), you can redeem your map for a prize. The prize is your choice of Easter egg that looks like a Disney character. There were a couple of options, but I chose Woody!IMAG0499-001Next, the Grand Floridian’s Fifth Annual Easter Egg Display. These hallow chocolate eggs weigh 9-12 pounds and are ornamented with a variety of edible materials. The eggs are insanely gorgeous, and some are even modeled after different Disney movies and characters!IMAG0449IMG_5614IMG_5611IMG_5612IMG_5609IMG_5608IMG_5617IMG_5621IMG_5622

IMAG0460 (2)


Last, but certainly not least, are Characters! Around Holidays, you can usually find some special characters that are not out during other times of the year. I spotted a Springtime flower near Casey’s Corner, and I went andΒ met Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny in Bunny Lane Garden which is located in between City Hall and the Main Street Chamber of Commerce.

I told them how much I loved seeing the beautiful Easter eggs, and Mrs. Easter Bunny told me how much she loved my dress!
IMG_5644IMG_5643Hope you all had a lovely Easter πŸ™‚ Thanks for hopping by!


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