Earning My Ears

Hello again!!! This post is going to be about training, earning my ears, and my first week with access to the parks! I will try to be as concise as possible, but not promises 🙂

On Saturday, February 13th I woke up super early to get to the bus by 6:45 am for my 8:00 am Traditions Class! Traditions is the first part of all new Cast Members’ training where you learn about the Four Keys (which would be drilled into our heads throughout the week), the heritage of the Walt Disney Company, and how we create happiness everyday for our Guests. Parker, Caitlyn, and I all got put in the same classroom and it was nice to have some friendly faces there for this special day.  The class was quite long but it didn’t seem like it since it was broken up with fun videos and a quick field trip to Magic Kingdom! We got to walk through the utilidors underneath the park and then pop up on Main Street. Since I won’t be working at the Magic Kingdom, it was nice to get to have that experience at least once!

IMG_5429At the end of the class, we were presented with our name tags, Cast ID cards, and a pair of Mickey Ears!

Of course the first thing we did after we received our ID’s was go home and change clothes, so we could head to the park for our first time as Cast Members!! We didn’t feel like waiting in any super long lines (we’ll have 6 months to ride everything) so we ended up riding a couple of things with low wait times, meeting Baymax, grabbing some dinner in France, and taking a stroll around World Showcase.



I didn’t even end up getting dessert, but they were all so pretty that I had to take a picture

Hooray for Snapchat geofilters and Mickey Ears!

Later, we headed to Magic Kingdom to meet up with Emily and Rachel once they got out of their Traditions class (they had the afternoon one). Devan and I did not have the next day off like everybody else :(, so going to Magic Kingdom was kind of pointless because we were literally there for only 30 minutes before we had to head home to go to bed. By the time we drove from Epcot to MK, parked and got the tram to the TTC, took the Monorail to the entrance of the park, and got through the crowds on Main Street, we only had time to ride Carousel of Progress and take one picture before we needed to leave. Naturally, the parade was ending just as we were leaving so we had to wait in a super long Monorail line to repeat the whole process in reverse. But hey, we got the picture we wanted of all of us on our first day as Cast Members with our matching ears Emily made for us!


Caitlyn and I froze our butts off. Sundresses aren’t such a great idea once the sun goes down…

The next morning, Devan and I had our Welcome to Operations at Disney University. It was seriously the most boring day EVER! Poor Devan had already done this class on her first College Program and had to sit through the entire thing again. She warned me it was going to be boring and boy was she was right!

On Monday, I had to go to Disney Springs Cast Services for the next part of my training. I was worried about not being able to find it, so I took the bus. The bus dropped me off exactly where I needed to be, but got me there about 45 minutes before I was supposed to be there. It’s better to be early than late I guess! My trainer explained how costuming works and helped me check out my costume. After changing into my costume, my trainer showed me around Disney Springs and the stores I would be working at. My “home store” is Once Upon A Toy, but I will also be scheduled from time to time to work at Marketplace Fun Finds and Mickey’s Pantry which are in the same “zone”. We spent the rest of the day shadowing different Cast Members and observing how they performed their different roles.

The next day, Devan and I headed back to Disney University for our Merchaintainment class. This class was a lot more fun because as we learned about different things, we got to go practice on real registers that were in training mode! The class went by pretty fast and we finished around 2 pm. I had the rest of the day free, so I headed directly to Hollywood Studios to meet up with my friend Kayla (who I met at Character Auditions back in Dallas in October) and some of her friends! We rode Tower of Terror, Star Tours, The Great Movie Ride, and Muppet*Vision 3D then watched the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular show! We also went to the Frozen Sing-Along for the first time, which I highly recommend if you like puns, and I ate my first ever Mickey pretzel! My favorite part of the day was watching the Star Wars fireworks (a.k.a. Symphony in the Star: A Galactic Spectacular) for the first time! They were AMAZING, and I’m pretty sure my mouth was open in awe the entire show. They have quickly become my favorite fireworks show at Walt Disney World!

Wednesday and Thursday were my last two days of training! On these days, I did a lot of practice on the register and learned how to do returns, exchanges, and resort/home delivery. I also got to do some fun Magical Moments for Guests! In the mornings when we open the store, we do a thing called the “morning wave” where we all take a picture with whatever Guests are waiting to come in and send it to Mickey. I also got to call the birthday line a couple of times and it is so cute seeing little kids’ faces light up when they hear a special birthday message from Goofy! One of my favorite things is the “princess parade” that happens every afternoon. Little princesses parade from the Bippity Boppity Boutique, through the Marketplace, and then ride the carousel! We get to wave at them and make a little tunnel with play swords for them to walk through. It’s super cute. Overall, it was a very exhausting but very fun week!!

Stay tuned for more 🙂


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