The weekend of the 8th, some friends of mine from church (Las Gringas de Barrio Norte) and I took a two-day trip to Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay!!

Saturday morning we boarded a ferry and set off for Colonia. Thankfully, I was able to wake up, get ready, finish packing, hour on the bus, find the port, and make it there an hour early to check in. We took Colonia Express, and I was a bit worried after reading all the horrible reviews about it, but it was the cheaper company so we gave it a go. Everything went fine though, and it only took an hour and half to get from Buenos Aires to Uruguay.Upon arriving in Colonia, we found our hostel and checked in, then had to do my probably least favorite part of traveling- changing money. It is always the biggest pain in the butt! I had three currencies in my wallet at the same time which was annoying, but most places would let you pay with Argentine Pesos, Uruguayan Pesos, or American Dollars, so it worked out.Β After finally figuring out the money situation, we got a late lunch in the historical district at a place called El TorreΓ³n. It had a crazy awesome view, and the food was good but SUPER expensive. We were just stingier for the rest of our meals.

El Torreon literally means “The Big Tower”

Seafood Ravioli

After dinner, we enjoyed the sunset, and took a bunch of pictures by the water:

Five little monkeys swinging in a tree

And we can’t forget this Photo-shopped beauty by Karissa

After eating, we all had to go change more money, since we spent it all on dinner. The place we went to the first time was closed, so we had to go to the casino, haha. We got some food at the grocery store for dinner, played cards, and went to bed early. It was really cold in our room though, so we pushed all the bunks together and made a giant cuddle puddle up top to keep warm.

I got yelled at for taking this picture, oops.

Sunday morning when we got up it was raining, so we had to rearrange our day a little bit. We spent the morning wandering around town some more, and in the afternoon we rented bikes and rode 5 km up the beach.

Sydney’s paparazzi

We started in Centro and rode all the way up to where the yellow dot is

We biked to Plaza de Torros which is an old bull-fighting area I think. It was blocked off, but we climbed through the fence.. living on the wild side.

Overall, it was a great trip. It was fun to get out of the city for the weekend, and enjoy the peace and quiet of Colonia.

Check out the video Sydney made of our weekend:

Chao for now!!

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