Hey guys!! Sorry I’m been kind of MIA recently. I was pretty busy with end of the semester stuff-projects, papers, exams, etc.- but I officially finished everything today!! Got all my grades signed and turned in and NO MORE SCHOOL, until July 15th…. Also, my internet was out in my home-stay since Friday morning and it just now got fixed #thirdworldproblems.

It got really old having to go to a cafe every day and buy something to use WiFi. My life is so rough! Haha, jk. It was just super inconvenient. I had a paper to write for class, so I went to a cafe for an hour and a half and just copied research off the internet into a Word document. Ended up being like almost 40 pages that I had to sort through, and read later at my house. Then when I was done with my paper, I had a mini-freak out when I realized I couldn’t email it to myself to print it off at school. Megan had a flash-drive though she let me borrow, so she saved the day.

Also had quite a few boring evenings. 6 whole days of going to bed early because I had nothing better to do, and playing FreeCell on my computer for hours straight. Luckily, I have like 1 movie on my computer, so Megan and I watched The Amazing Spiderman after dinner one night.

I do promise to catch you all up with life here. Coming Soon:
-gringas in Uruguay
-me eating, eating, and eating
-Casa Rosada tour
-Souvenir Haul

Chao for now!!

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