I promise I’ve done more than just eat these past couple of weeks…

-I’ve been doing quite a bit of shopping. Checked out Calle Florida and wasn’t that impressed, but found a really cool mall over there. I also have visited both San Telmo and Plaza Francia three times now. I don’t know what I am going to do without the weekend ferias. I go looking for gifts for family and friends, but I usually just end up buying a bunch of stuff for myself… Hey I need presents too! 🙂

-Went to see Great Gatsby with some friends from church, and of course we got ice cream afterwards at McDonald’s. Dulce de leche soft-serve is the bomb


photo credit: Clara

-Helped set up for this outreach/evangelism thing my church was doing with one of their partner churches in Villa Crespo.-My host mom’s daughter and her family came over for dinner. The son-in-law is actually American, and the little grandson is a cutie pie.

-Went to the Natural Science Museum one afternoon. They had a geology section with a giant room full of rocks which made me really excited #nerdalert. The theme seemed to be “lots of dead things in large rooms”. For example:-I also finally went to La Bomba de Tiempo with some friends. La Bomba de Tiempo is this percussion group that preforms every Monday night at the Konex Cultural Center which is super classy… I think it was an old factory or something like that.

Despite all the stoned people, crowds, and smoke I still had a lot of fun dancing like a weirdo with my friends. But seriously THE SMOKE. My clothes and hair smelled SO BAD afterwards from being in that room for 2 hours. I went to get some ice cream after too because why not? Even though the mall was closed, the food court was still open 🙂

-The rest of that week the weather was pretty yucky and raining, boo.

-Last week I went Parque de Agronomia with my Latin American Literature professor and my class. Well only 6 of us showed up because it wasn’t mandatory, and it was early on a Friday. It was really enjoyable though. The park is not a really touristy part of the city, but it’s huge and also contains the School of Agronomy and the School of Veternary Science. We walked through the park for a little bit, went by Julio Cortazar’s house in the nearby neighborhood, and read a short story by him that mentioned some streets that we walked by.-Later that day I took the bus an hour outside of the city to go to Sydney’s choir concert at this benefit thing. They sang beautifully, and it was fun being a mini-fan club.-After the concert, Sydney and I hung out with a bunch of people from church at one of their apartments. It was really funny looking up each other’s houses (“mansiones”) and universities on Google, and playing Dance Central. We (the American girls) taught a group of Argentines, Chileans, El Salvadorians, Brazilians, etc. very important pieces of American culture-the Cha Cha Slide, the Wobble, and the Cupid Shuffle. We also taught them how to play Big Booty and Waa the next night at church.

-My semester is winding down so I have lots of final projects, papers, and exams. Spent this past week doing lots of studying, staying up late, and drinking entirely too much coffee.-Wednesday I went Che Flores for dinner since I won a coupon ages ago for a free dinner for 2 people. I brought Clarissa along because she is leaving to go home this weekend 😦imag0651I really haven’t been able to do too much else during the week since I’ve been busy with homework, but tomorrow I’m leaving to go to URUGUAY for the weekend. I totally just discovered that my paper I thought was due Wednesday is actually due on Monday, so there’s that…

I did get to watch my baby sister’s high school graduation via live-stream today though! Bummed I couldn’t be there is person, but at least I got to watch it.


Chao for now!!

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