Weekend Eats

Last weekend (as in not this past weekend, but the weekend before) I tried out a couple new places in Palermo Soho.

On Friday, Megan and I went to Piernia which is a little tea house in Palermo Soho for lunch. The decor was cute, but I wasn’t all that impressed with the food. I got a salad, and this frappucino thing and they were both okay…. Megan said her tea and sandwich were good, so maybe I just didn’t pick very well that time.473ef-imag0554Saturday afternoon, I got around to trying Muma’s Cupcakes in Palermo Soho. I walk by it pretty frequently, and I finally decided to treat myself. The shop is really cute and the cupcakes are DELICIOUS (and that’s coming from a girl that’s not the biggest fan of cake).

About a week later I went back and got some cupcakes “para llevar” to share with my roomies.


Bombon cupcake & Carrot cupcake

Sunday after church, after some confusion meeting up, Clarissa and I got lunch before heading over to San Telmo to do some shopping. I suggested we try out Bartola in Palermo Soho, and man I’m glad we went!! The decor was adorable, the food was fantastic, and best of all, they were playing some pretty awesome tunes. Hillary Duff anybody?

Are you hungry yet??

Chao for now!!

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