I will be at the airport about to head home in approximately 20 days. It is SO weird! I can’t believe it is almost time to come home especially since a couple of my friends just left for their summer study abroad programs. This experience coming to an end is bittersweet. There are definitely some things I am going to miss about Buenos Aires, and some things I definitely will NOT!!

Things I will most definitely NOT miss about Buenos Aires:

  • lack of bug screens on the windows
  • bug guts on my wall (I went on a killing spree…)
  • the death glare I get when I try to buy something, and I only have a large bill (they hate giving away all their change)
  • constant fear of being robbed/pick-pocketed
  • being “targeted” because I’m a foreigner
  • wearing the same clothes over and over
  • trying to find the waiter when you need something, or are ready to pay
  • my sheets that NEVER stay on my bed
  • dog poop all over the sidewalk
  • cat calls
  • public transportation
  • waiting for public transportation
  • people trying to sell me things on public transportation
  • women breastfeeding their 4 year-old children on the bus (I really don’t know how old this child was, but she looked WAY too old to still be breastfeeding. I am scarred for life…)

Things I am going to miss about Buenos Aires:

  • ferias every weekend
  • the view from my school
  • the plazas
  • adventure
  • no classes on Friday
  • the “vacation” mentality
  • being “tall”
  • the Xoom rate
  • inserting random Spanish words into English sentences and my friends understanding me
  • Dulce de leche
  • endless food and yummy options right outside my door
  • medialunas
  • things to do in the city, still haven’t run out of new, fun things to do

Chao for now!!

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