Good Eats: Dessert Edition

I have got me a mean sweet tooth, and I definitely indulge it a lot more often here than at home. There are just so many yummy things calling my name on a daily basis! Sometimes I just can’t help it 🙂

Name: unknown
Location: Belgrano

I got ice cream one day when my class got cancelled. This place near my school was suggested to me by a classmate, and it was SUPER good. In the middle of the day it was full of senior citizens… haha! This 2-scoop sundae cost me about $4 USD. Flavors: Chocotorta (ice cream with dulce de leche and cookie pieces) and Moka (for a country that drinks so much coffee, coffee ice cream is extremely rare here).

Food: ❶❷❸❹❺
Atmosphere/decor: ❶❷❸④⑤ 

Name: ZOG
Location: Palermo Soho

I tried out this place with Megan one day. Frozen yogurt is definitely not as popular as ice cream here. It was okay… not as great as the yogurt I had in Chile, or my beloved Yumilious in the States. They did have a lot of toppings, but as far as flavors go, my only options were passion fruit or plain/original. That seems to be pretty standard here though, so I’ll probably wait to get yogurt again until I get home.

Food: ❶❷❸④⑤
Atmosphere/decor: ❶❷❸④⑤ 

Name: Freddo
Location: everywhere

Freddo is EVERYWHERE. There are probably at least 40 of them just in Buenos Aires. I’ve been there a few times, and so far the flavors I’ve tried are: Dulce de leche, dulce de leche w/ brownie, dulce de leche w/ oreo, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry mousse, malbec & red fruits, & chocotorta. Some of the flavors have been better than others, but overall it is pretty darn good ice cream. I can’t give them a 5 though because they don’t have a coffee flavor… That is a serious crime in my eyes

Food: ❶❷❸❹⑤
Atmosphere/decor: ❶❷❸④⑤ 

Name: Persicco
Location: Palermo Soho, various locations

I got some ice cream from Persicco one day when my class got out early. Are you sensing a trend here? The flavors I got were coffee, banana split, lemon tart, and dulce de leche with brownie. This ice cream was super creamy and yummy, and I will most likely be visiting Persicco again.

Food: ❶❷❸❹❺
Atmosphere/decor: ❶❷❸④⑤ 

Chao for now!

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