Good Eats: Part I

I definitely go out to eat pretty often, so I thought I’d talk about a few of the places I’ve been, and what I thought of them. Here is a map for reference:


source: Google Images


source: Google Images

Name: Dean & Denny’s
Location: Palermo Soho

I decided to pop into Dean & Denny’s one weekend afternoon for lunch. I really enjoyed its modern decor, their upstairs seating, and the terrace. The majority of restaurants in Argentina seem to be sit-down restaurants with your only other options being McDonald’s or empanadas -which get super boring after a while. I liked that it wasn’t a sit-down place, but it definitely counts as “fast food”. I ordered the chicken burger with fries, and although the burger was pretty small, it was still good. Downside-place was insanely packed on a Saturday, and it took a while for me to get my food. Nothing SUPER exciting, but still pretty good overall.

Food: ❶❷❸④⑤

Atmosphere/decor: ❶❷❸❹❺

Name: unknown
Location: Alto Palermo

Sydney and I grabbed an early lunch before seeing Iron Man 3 on a day we didn’t have class. It was a national holiday that day, and it was so hard finding somewhere that was open at 11 am; even the mall across the street was closed. I of course ordered breakfast food… Yogurt, cereals, fruit salad, eggs, orange juice, coffee, and toast with cream cheese & jam.

Sydney: “Breakfast for three?”
Ryan: “No, breakfast for ME!

You would think she would know me better by now 🙂

Food: ❶❷❸④⑤

Atmosphere/decor: ❶❷❸④⑤

Name: unknown
Location: Belgrano

One place that I visit quite frequently is this vegetarian place by my school. The food is pretty darn good for vegetarian, but the absolute best part is that it’s CHEAP and you get your food TO-GO. It is kind of like a buffet in that you fill up your container with whatever you want, but then you pay by how much it weighs. What you see pictured costs me less than $4 USD! It’s a great place to go when I want something quick, cheap, and easy that’s not an empanada. If you go in here around lunchtime, the whole place is full of UB students 🙂

Food: ❶❷❸④⑤

Atmosphere/decor: ①②③④⑤

Name: California Burrito Company

Location: Palermo Soho/Hollywood border

Megan and I tried out California Burrito Company one Friday afternoon when I was craving Mexican food. I think it’s funny how apparently burritos are associated with California here. CBC is pretty much just a Chipotle or Qdoba. I ordered tacos and they were decent, definitely not as good as Torchy’s or Fuzzy’s. I did like that it was a walk-up-and-order place. That sort of convenience is rare.

Food: ❶❷❸④⑤

Atmosphere/decor: ❶❷❸④⑤

Realized that this whole post was full of 3’s for food…. I guess I should have renamed it “Mediocre Eats”. I promise to include more impressive, yummier places in the next one!

Chao for Now!!

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