Un finde tranquilo

May 18th- Saturday morning I hung out with myself 🙂 I wondered around the Recoleta Mall for a little bit, got a snack at McDonalds (I had a coupon), and spent some more time at the Recoleta Cemetery since I hadn’t been back there since that first day during the city tour.e40ae-img_4382

Un finde tranquilo

Dang Mickey D’s, you classy

Un finde tranquilo

I also visited the National Museum of Beautiful Arts (Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes) which I hadn’t been to yet. It was free which was great, and my favorite pieces were the Degas, I like ballerinas 🙂 ….Afterwards, I went shopping at the feria at Plaza Francia looking for presents for my family and friends, but I only ended up buying something for myself… That always happens! When I’m looking gifts for other people, I buy stuff for myself, and when I’m looking for myself, I never buy anything.996e2-img_4413There were a couple other things I was planning to do, but it started raining so I decided to grab lunch indoors. I went to Punto Pizza for lunch, and ordered the Hawaiian pizza which was really good. I usually hate the pizza here because it has almost no sauce and TONS of cheese

That afternoon before youth, I met up with some friends and we hung out at one of their apartments and had a little indoor picnic/snack since it was still raining outside.

May 19th– After church, a bunch of us grabbed lunch before heading to Belgrano to watch Gaby’s soccer game. Luckily, they decided to go to the food court in the mall where there are a lot of options, so everyone was able to find something they liked to eat. I got a sandwich, drink, and dessert at this little french bistro for about $7 USD.

After lunch, we hopped on the bus to head to the stadium. Gaby is a friend from chuch who is studying here, as well as playing soccer. She plays for a female club team, and we all went to cheer her on. It was really fun till the very end when it got a lot colder.

photo credit: Betsy



This is Betsy!

53e3d-935314_10151666140583134_753790384_n That night even though it was still freezing out, I redeemed my Freddo prize. It was going to expire soon, so I had to use it. I seriously had a massive sugar headache after eating so much ice cream.

Sabores: Malbec & frutos rojos (yuck), Dulce de leche con Oreo, Chocotorta (my fave), & Mousse de arandanos

Chao for now!

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