May 17th- Megan and I met my friend Clarissa at Muu Lecheria for brunch, and I brought my camera this time.



Afterwards, we spent the afternoon at the zoo!!!

I realized how much I love and hate zoos at the same time. I always enjoy looking at the animals, but I also feel bad because the animals look bored out of their minds. I saw so many animals just walking in circles over and over and over again.



This zoo was a little bit run down and some of the animals looked kinda mangy, but they did have quite a few animals I had never seen before. Like this:
And this disgusting beaver/rat thing:
TheΒ architectureΒ of the buildings where the animals were housed was really cool:

After the zoo, Clarissa and I got some ice cream and froze out butts off on the sidewalk eating it. I realized later that there is a mall with an ice cream place one block from where we were that we could have gone to and been warmer. Fail…


Later gators,

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