Mataderos & Midterms

May 5th- After church, I boarded a bus and headed to meet Megan and her friend Shana in Mataderos. Mataderos is a neighborhood in Buenos Aires in the west end of the city, and for much of 0585d-img_0925its history this area was a meeting point between the city and the countryside. Matadero literally means slaughterhouse, many of which were located here making it a hub for rural commerce, and the main stop for gauchos inside the city limits. It took me about an hour to get there by bus, but I brought a little puzzle book with me, so that I wasn’t completely bored out of my mind.

The whole point of going this far was to attend the Feria de Mataderos (Mataderos Fair) which is held on Sundays. The fair showcases gaucho traditions, foods, crafts, and artisan goods. It was super crowded so it was kind of hard to do any actual shopping at the booths, but I still was able to enjoy some yummy food, ice cream, and Argentinian folk music.

May 6th-9th The following week was Midterms (or parciales), duh duh duhhhhh. I had four written midterms, an essay due, and a presentation all within these four days. Midterms for me meant a lot of studying in cafes seeing as I always get pretty distracted when I’m at home. Luckily, the majority of cafes here have WiFi, so that wasn’t a problem. Also, I’ve gotten into the habit of taking pictures of almost everything I order…

Nos vemos!


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