Weekends & Tiempo Libre

April 26th FIRST WEEKEND HOME IN 4 WEEKS. I didn’t quite know what to do with myself. I don’t have classes on Fridays, so after grabbing lunch with Megan (one of my roommates) we decided to check out the Feria de Libros. We stopped at the Botanical Gardens on the way to kill some time before the fair opened.

La Feria del Libro is this giant book fair in Buenos Aires. There were 4 huge pavilions (think State Fair), but filled with books instead of cars or cool gadgets. I was there for 2+ hours and still didn’t see everything. In addition to mountains of books, they also had lectures and readings scheduled.

April 27th–Β Was the official half-way point of my program. So bittersweet. I grabbed some lunch, did some shopping (in the rain), and went to youth later that night.

April 28th–Β After church, some friends and I grabbed some food and all headed to Plaza Francia to eat. The plaza faces the Recoleta Cemetary, and is home to a really awesome artisan fair on weekends. It was a beautiful day and it was great to soak in some sun, do some window shopping, and watch my friends play ultimate frisbee (I don’t run unless forced) before I had to go home and work on homework the rest of the afternoon.
May 1st-Β We had off school for Labor Day, so Sydney and I decided to go to the movies! After finally finding a cafe that was open at 11 am on a holiday, we headed to Cinemark Palermo to see Iron Man 3. We opted for the English version with Spanish subtitles, so we could enjoy the actors we know and love instead of weird dubbed voices. The theater was really nice. Leather chairs and stadium seating for only $35 ARS (around $5 USD)

source: Google Images probably

The absolute best part was that when I Skyped with my family later that day I got to rub it in my brother, the film geek’s, face that I saw Iron Man 3 before him. It actually came out in Argentina a week earlier than the States!! After the movie, I went to the MALBA (Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires) by myself (Sydney doesn’t do museums). It was nice, there was art, I looked at it. Nothing much more to report πŸ™‚

Nos vemos!


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