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I always behind on my blogs, but better late than never I guess. I’m going to sum up the rest of my April for you all.

April 16th- Got to go to Museo Evita for free with ISA. They also paid for a tour guide for us which was nice. The museum was opened in 2002, fifty years after Evita’s death, and is housed in a mansion that Evita’s foundation bought, restored and designated as a shelter for women and children in 1948. The coolest thing in the museum for me was Evita’s national ID card, numbered 00-000-001-the first issued to a woman in Argentina.

April 17th- After class hopped the Subte to meet up with other American students and Argentines at this restaurant for an intercambio. There were lots of yummy snacks, and I got to practice my Spanish 🙂

April 19th- While running errands Friday morning, I decided to stop by El Ateneo. I had been meaning to go for a while, and am glad I finally got around to it. El Ateneo is a bookstore housed in an old theater. There is a little cafe where the stage used to be, and they turned the boxes into reading nooks. It was fun finding some of my favorite books and movies in Spanish. 5bf84-imag0448


Friday night I had to preform with my tango class at International Night at my school. It was fun getting dressed up, and I really liked our choreography, but it was kind of a disaster. Both classes preformed at the same time and there wasn’t really enough room for everyone to dance. Also, they didn’t tell us when they were going to start the music, so we were off time and had to try to catch up. Oh well. Directly afterward the performance, I left for a church retreat.

April 19th-21st I attended the youth retreat with La Iglesia Cristiana Evangelica Bautista de Barrio Norte-say that five times fast. We took a bus about an hour outside of the city to this Korean camp. Cracked me up. Everything was written in Korean and Spanish. The facilities were really nice (the floors were heated!), and we spent the weekend doing typical church retreat stuff- services, worship, small groups, games, competitions, skits, food, etc. My brain hurt SO bad- Spanish overload! I met lots of other American students, as well as people from Chile, Brazil, Peru, and other Latin American countries. I also learned that it is VERY difficult to explain Phase 10 in Spanish. Everyone got the hang of it though 🙂

April 24th- Sydney and I went to see Casi Normales (Next to Normal) here in Buenos Aires. It is one of my favorite musicals, and I was surprised to see that it is popular here. Argentines are pretty obsessed with psychoanalysis and stuff, so I guess it makes sense. For $200 ARS (around $25 USD) we got third row seats- SCORE! We were worried about being late, so we arrived early and got coffee and dessert at a cafe around the corner from the theater before the show.

source: Sydney’s Instagram 

The show was SO GOOD! The cast was absolutely fantastic, and it was cool to see how they changed all the lyrics into Spanish to still fit the music (I tracked down the Spanish soundtrack online!). When we got out of the show at like midnight, that part of the city was still hopping, on a Wednesday….  #citylife. It literally seemed like the daytime with all the lights. Cue Google Images:

Hasta luego amigos!

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