Check out that view

DAY 9: We took a bus to Santiago late morning. The bus was really nice, and the best part was that it only costs $6 USD! I was a little worried about our last hostel because we did not have many options (almost everything was booked for Lollapalooza). We ended up with a great location- 6th floor of this building overlooking one of the major plazas of the city. For dinner we concocted a chicken pesto panini/sandwich thing 🙂



DAY 10: While Sydney, Abigail, and some friends from the hostel went to the mall to pick up their wristbands for Lolla, Christa and I had some fun on our own. We explored some markets and this really cool shopping/restaurant area called Plaza Bellavista.
Crepes for lunch!


We also went to Cerro San Cristóbal which is a hill in the middle of the middle. We took a funicular (similar to an ascensor) to the top. They really like building statues on top of hills/mountains, and we saw yet another one.
“Yo soy la inmaculada concepción”
View from the top

We also went to El Museo de La Memoria y Los Derechos Humanos (Museum of Memory and Human Rights) which was dedicated to commemorate the victims of human rights violations during the military regime led by Augusto Pinochet in Chile between 1973 and 1990. It was really sad, but still a pretty cool museum.

Plaza de Armas at night
Gorgeous sunset to close the day #nofilter #imserious


LAST DAY: While Abigail was at Lolla and Christa met up with a friend, Sydney and I went to Cerro Santo Lucia, yet again another hill. This one had a castle though, so we couldn’t pass it up!

We treated ourselves to a yummy lunch since we wanted to use up the rest of our Chilean pesos. Seriously, best ice cream I’ve had in this hemisphere to date. And why is Moca so hard to find??
After stocking up on snacks, Christa and I headed to the bus terminal to head home. Overall, it was a great trip and I feel super blessed to have had the experience. It sure was exhausting, but definitely worth it 🙂
Chao mis queridos!!

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