Chile, yo!

DAY 5: After an awesome time in Mendoza, our next stop was Chile. We spent our Easter Sunday morning at the bus terminal, yay… When Sydney’s tios came to visit they brought some goodies with them from the States to share-Reese’s Easter bunnies!

Thanks Auntie Pam!

The 7 hour bus ride consisted of lots of pretty scenery, snacks, reading, 2 hrs at the border (ugh), Sydney almost getting left at the border, and Christa screaming in the middle of the movie haha.

We didn’t get to Valparaiso till almost 7 that night, and luckily Sydney had changed some money at the border. After paying for the taxi to our hostel, we only had about $8 USD to feed the four of us dinner. We were able to do it though! An EASTER MIRACLE!


The only way I can describe Chilean pesos is stupid. Pretty, but stupid. I had just gotten used to the conversion rate from Argentine pesos to US dollars. It was so frustrating the first couple of days trying to figure out how much things costs. It was totally normal to pay $6000 CLP for lunch.
DAY 6: We spent the day walking around the city. Valparaiso is gorgeous, so here come the pictures.
Edificio Armada de Chile (Chilean Navy Building)


This made me laugh. WE SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE


We took a boat ride. Can you see the mountains in the distance?


These seal things stunk SO BAD



 This is not what I expected when I ordered fajitas de mariscos (seafood fajitas). Literally was a pancake filled with seafood and this weird cream sauce…

Nos vemos!

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