Semana Santa

“Travel is glamorous only in retrospect” -Paul Theroux
A couple friends and I went on an adventure during Semana Santa. We had a 6-day weekend but by skipping 2 days of class, I was able to turn it into a 10 day trip πŸ™‚ After my visit to Teatro Colon (previous post) the rest of the day was madness getting packed, all homework done, to class, to the train station, and finally to the bus terminal.
All I brought for TEN DAYS
I was extremely proud of myself for only
bringing what’s shown. Anyone who knows me knows I am not good at packing light. Unfortunately, just because bags are small doesn’t mean they aren’t heavy, ouch.
photo credit: Abigail
DAY 1: The bus terminal is one of the craziest things I have ever experienced in my life. Our bus was over an hour late, and we had to get through this mob to get to our bus. People pushing and shoving, no room to move, anger. Insanity.

DAY 2: After about 14 hours on the bus, we finally arrived in Mendoza. We took an overnight bus, so I pretty much slept the whole time. Bus seats are way more comfy and roomy than planes, so it wasn’t too bad. We checked into our hostel and even though we were completely exhausted, we freshened up, got some lunch, and headed over to Parque San MartΓ­n.

Tired travelers (photo credit: Sydney)

Parque San MartΓ­n is this giant park in Mendoza-around 970 acres. We hiked to the top of this huge hill called Cerro de la Gloria where there is a pretty cool view, as well as a monument. The monument was built in honor of the Army of the Andes which freed Chile from the Spanish Empire in 1817.

photo credit: Sydney


On our way back to our hostel, we walked through some of the plazas. There was a craft fair going on in one of them, another was overrun with teenage boys and had literally been turned into a skate park, and others were constructed in different styles (Spanish, Italian, etc.). That evening, we cooked breakfast for dinner and had fun meeting some of the people in our hostel.
More installments on their way.
Nos vemos!

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