I didn’t post for a week and a half and then I went on vacation for a week and a half, so it’s been a while friends. Sorry!! I will have to catch up in installments so here are a couple things from March 17th-23rd:

My family got a dog! Her name is Chloe and she is 6, and apparently no one likes her but my mom which makes absolutely no sense to me. She sure is a cutie pie:


Skype date. Look at these weirdos πŸ™‚

On Sunday, Sydney and I tried out this church that a friend of hers attended when she was studying abroad. Everyone was super nice and inviting towards us, and they seem to have a pretty big youth population which is great. We even went out to lunch with some of them.

Wednesday was Sydney’s 21st birthday. Her aunt and uncle were in Buenos Aires on vacation/visiting for about three weeks, so to celebrate she invited a couple of friends over to their apartment they were renting for cake and ice cream. Yum πŸ™‚

Other than that, I spent most of my time catching up on assignments for school. I’m taking two literature classes which means I have A TON to read in addition to a normal work load. Also, I registered for the class I’m planning to take at Collin over the summer once I get back. SO excited for ASL II- I’m a nerd…

One of the highlights of my week was winning free ice cream! It was perfect actually. I had gone to the store because I wanted some ice cream, but it was super expensive so I didn’t buy any and I was sad. Later that day, we had a meeting/orientation thing for ISA where they did a raffle for a couple of prizes. If they drew you and you had a copy of your passport and your ISA emergency contact card (which you are supposed to have on you at all times) with you, you won. So I won a free liter of ice cream from Freddo πŸ™‚Β 


Nos vemos!

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